Peninsula Road Safety & Revitalization Project

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 Peninsula Road Improvements (Phase 1)


Construction Update

Hazelwood Construction Services Inc., working on behalf of the District of Ucluelet, will be starting construction of Peninsula Road Improvements (Phase 1) in January 2024. Phase 1 includes upgrades from Seaplane Base Road to Bay Street. The focus of this first phase of work is to provide continuous and improved cycling and pedestrian routes on the southwest side of the road (opposite the harbour) and storm system replacement between the Sea Plane Base Road and Lyche Road Outfall.

The construction works are expected to be completed in four stages. The general schedule and stages are outlined below:

  • Mobilization: January 23, 2024
  • Stage 1: Sea Plane Base Road to Lyche Road (February 2024 to March 2024)
  • Stage 2: Lyche Road to Lyche Road Outfall (March 2024)
  • Stage 3: Lyche Road to Bay Street (March 2024 to April 2024)
  • Stage 4: Surface Improvements (April 2024 to May 2024)
  • Substantial Completion: May 31, 2024

Click here for a copy of the Phase 1 construction startup notice that was delivered in January 2024:

Peninsula Road Construction Notice - January 2024

* Please note that the schedule provided is subject to change. Circumstances beyond our control or unforeseen conditions may require adjustments to the planned sequencing. Any updates or changes will be communicated.

General Considerations

  • While there will be delays during peak travel times, through traffic will be permitted on Peninsula Road.
    • Traffic will be Single Lane Alternating Traffic (each side taking turns through the construction zone).Picture1
  • Travel speeds will be lower in the construction zone and there will be some restrictions on turning from time to time.
  • Pedestrians - when present, priority is to be given through the site by TCP or qualified personnel.
  • Cyclists - when present, are to either (1) dismount and travel through work zone as pedestrian or (2) take the lane and travel ahead of vehicles when directed by TCP or qualified personnel.
  • Typical hours of work for this project will be Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (weather & conditions permitting), with work after hours and weekends as required.
  • Construction noise and vibration should be expected during working hours.
  • If you live in the area and have young children, please advise them of the dangers of construction and the limited visibility of heavy equipment and trucks.
  • All businesses will remain open during construction.

Public Information Plan

The Public Information Plan identifies actions and procedures for informing the traveling public, project stakeholders, and the District of Ucluelet of current traffic operations and planned changes to traffic operations. Hazelwood plans to use the following plan:

  • The Project Manager will update the Stakeholders with regular emails and phone calls if there is a change to the scheduled work plan
  • Residents & businesses will be given written notice a minimum of 72 hrs prior to when they will be directly affected by Construction Works (including driveway access)
  • The public will be notified via dynamic message boards and DriveBC updates
  • All stakeholders will be given notice before all lane closures and traffic delays / interruptions. Stakeholders to include, but not limited to the following:
    • Local businesses & residents
    • BC Transit
    • Emergency Services

Current Landscaping Plans for Peninsula Road

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The District of Ucluelet is excited to undertake detailed design for Peninsula Road (the project). This is the next step to advancing the community vision and priorities for this important streetscape and gateway to Ucluelet. The primary aims of this project are to enhance pedestrian, cyclist, and traffic safety for Peninsula Road – while also improving the aesthetic of the streetscape to reflect the local and unique “Ukee” character. This project will upgrade and expand dedicated bicycle routes, improve accessibility, enhance pedestrian safety, improve crossings, enhance traffic and parking safety, and set the framework to beautify 1.4 km of Ucluelet’s key commercial area on Peninsula Road between Forbes Road and Main Street. To provide continuity for the pedestrian and cyclist network, this project also includes design for a multi-use pathway (MUP) for Larch Road (see project area image below).
Due to the magnitude of cost, this project will be implemented in phases. Phase 1, to be tendered in Fall 2023, includes upgrades from Seaplane Base Road to Bay Street. The focus of this first phase of work is to provide continuous and improved cycling and pedestrian routes on the southwest side of the road (opposite the harbour). The upgrades for landscape, furnishings, and custom placemaking elements are limited in this initial phase. Expansion of these elements is a key consideration for future upgrades.


Planning for Change

This project is a significant opportunity for our community – it is also a significant change. Change comes will challenges. By working together as a community to identify concerns and challenges we can proactively plan for how to reduce and mitigate impacts. To be successful, we will need to work as a community to come to balanced and realistic solutions. The District and project team is committed to transparency through this important community project and process.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

A key part of the project is continuing to engage with the community, stakeholders, and interest groups to maintain the District’s commitment to review and feedback opportunities. While we know this project will bring many positive benefits to our community once complete, we also recognize that the road changes and construction process will affect all of those who live, work, or visit our community. We also acknowledge that the project changes and construction will most affect the property owners/business/owners/tenants directly on Peninsula Road. The team will work together to answer how the proposed design responds to challenges, and to plan how we best manage and reduce the impacts of the construction process.

Please check back here for project updates and for opportunities to share your input and comments.

Project Background

Improving Peninsula Road has been a topic of community interest for many years. Driven by community input, the revitalization of the project area has become a priority for the District. Preliminary analysis and design ideas were developed in the 2019 Peninsula Road Streetscape Study and process. The 2019 study reviewed ideas and challenges for the area along with options for enhancing safety, mobility, character, and community values. Community review and feedback from the December 2019 open house shaped the project foundation and key design directions. The project’s aims and terms were then refined through the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan and the policies within the District of Ucluelet’s 2020 Official Community Plan (adopted January, 2022). Based on these community inputs and plans, a Conceptual Design package was developed in 2021 to support a grant funding application. Prior to detailed design development, the first step that kicked off this project was community and stakeholder engagement to gain feedback on the existing Concept Design.

Why Now?

The first phase of this project is possible since the District has secured grant funding, and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) is supporting the storm system replacement and collaborating to align their re-paving of Peninsula Road. Without these opportunities, the District would not be able to fund the Phase 1 scope at present. The alignment of these opportunities is time-sensitive and specific to 2023/2024.

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

Relevant Policies & Approvals

  • OCP Direction: The Official Community Plan (adopted January 2022) identifies Peninsula Road as the gateway and main approach into Ucluelet, a focal point for the District’s image and streetscape character, and a priority for accessibility and active transportation (pedestrian, cycle, and transit service). This document provides the overall guidance for the terms and aims of this project.
  • MOTI Jurisdiction: The portion of Peninsula Road north of Main Street is under the jurisdiction of the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI). Planning and design of this portion of Peninsula Road will require coordination and ultimately approval from the MOTI.
  • District of Ucluelet Mayor & Council: The District of Ucluelet Council reviewed and approved the project terms and award. Council will be involved in milestone reviews through detailed design development as well as the tender award recommendation for construction.

Design Features & Objectives

The previous efforts have outlined key design criteria to be addressed in the detailed design, including, but not limited to:

  • Accessibility: Improve the accessibility of existing crosswalks, sidewalks, and pathways, including adding additional crossings and paths on the northside of the road.
  • Cycling: Develop protected one-way cycle paths in both directions, including improvements to the existing path on the south side. Prioritize separation of the cycle path from vehicle travel lanes to support all ages and abilities (AAA).
  • Pedestrians: Improve walkability including improving sidewalks or paths on the south side and adding or improving pedestrian routes on the north side of Peninsula Road where possible.
  • Traffic Calming: Provide improved safety and a calmed traffic speed that transitions from the highway condition arriving from the northwest. Include curbing extensions at intersections and crosswalks to support traffic calming and provide safety and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Intersections: Define intersections that balance the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. Provide curbing extensions for shortened and protected crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Character & Aesthetics: Go beyond “standard” highway design to enhance the travel experience and character to enhance the unique of Ucluelet. The design approach should build on Ucluelet’s distinct identity and character through furnishings, vegetation, hard landscape materials, and public art opportunities. Where this effort is not possible to address in initial phases it should be addressed with future upgrades.
  • Landscape & Maintenance: Trees, vegetation, and landscape features should support the safety of movement in the streetscape while contributing to the local sense of place. The landscape should enhance the character and comfort of the street while balancing practical, low maintenance needs. Principles of sustainability, water infiltration, and use of native and adaptive species should be used in planting and landscape design.

Click the links below for more information:

Frequently Asked Questions- Peninsula Road

Background & Intro Boards

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