Engineering / Public Works

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Public Works

Brent Taron, Public Works Foreman
Public Works Yard - 2070 Peninsula Road

Public Works Yard Office: 250-726-7133
Cell: 250-266-0598
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After-hours Emergencies
(4:30pm - 8am)
Call 250-726-8587
Emergencies could include water or sewer main breaks, dangerous debris or fallen trees on a street
or damaging potholes.


District Utilities

The District of Ucluelet provides the following utilitites;

  • Water
  • Sewer

District Utilities Requests

The following request forms are available for download at District Publications, Forms, Policies & Bylaws or for pick up at the Municipal Office, 200 Main Street, Ucluelet;

  • Sewer Connection
  • Water Service Request (Turn your water on or off) 
  • Water Hydrant Application 
  • Water Meter Application

Other Utilities


Community Water Conservation Tips

Ways of Conserving Water in Your Home

  • Set a goal to use less water.
  • Fix leaking faucets and toilets.
  • Wash only full loads in the dishwasher and clothes washer.
  • Minimize faucet use when brushing teeth, shaving, and washing dishes.
  • Don't pre-rinse dishes unless you need to. Most new dishwashers do not require pre-rinsing.
  • Save water for watering plants e.g., while you wait for hot water in kitchens and showers.
  • Install a water-efficient toilet or high-efficiency clothes washer.
  • Install an efficient showerhead.
  • Spend less time in the shower. Try to limit showers to under 5 minutes.
  • Flush your toilets less often.


Ways You Can Conserve Water in Your Yard

  • Aerate lawns in the spring to better absorb water.
  • Avoid watering between 1OAM and 6PM to reduce evaporation.
  • Reduce lawn watering or let your lawn go dormant during the summer.
  • Mulch planting beds to decrease evaporation.
  • Tune-up and improve your irrigation system.
  • Do not wash your car unless absolutely necessary.
  • Never leave a hose running, always use a shut off nozzle.
  • Use a broom rather than a hose or pressure washer to clean sidewalks and driveways.
  • Refrain from filling empty pools and hot tubs.
  • Use a rain barrel to catch water and use this to water your garden.


Ways You Can Conserve Water at Work

  • Check for and fix leaks in sinks, toilets, and urinals (or install water-efficient models).
  • Increase employee awareness of water conservation with memos and newsletters, or signs in restrooms or areas that use water.
  • Serve water only on request in restaurants.
  • Hospitality businesses can make daily clean linen service optional.


Water Shortages and What Does they Mean to You?

The District of Ucluelet has a Water Shortage Response Plan to assist personnel to respond quickly and efficiently to a variety of scenarios to ensure water supplies are safeguarded, maintained, or returned to working conditions as quickly as possible. This plan uses a 4-staged approach to focus on water conservation during the summer months or other dry periods. Outlined below are the Water Use Conservation Actions required by residents, businesses, and visitors during the 4 stages that range from initial standard levels of water restrictions through to the highest levels of restriction intended for emergency water shortages.

Learn more about the District of Ucluelet’s Water Shortage Response Plan.