Sustainability and Climate Action


The District of Ucluelet is uniquely situated in a beautiful, natural location that is desirable to visitors from around the world. However, the impacts of those visitors now provide some of Ucluelet’s most important sustainability challenges.

The District has looked to set an example for the community by achieving provincial, national, and even international standards for climate action. Provincially, the District has achieved Level 3 “Achievement of Carbon Neutrality” status for municipal operations following the purchase of verified carbon offsets from Ucluelet has been consistently committed to carbon neutral operations as a signatory of the BC Climate Action Charter. Nationally, the District has reached FCM benchmarks for climate action, explained below. Internationally, the District also achieved benchmarks in the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, achieving new standards for mitigation and adaptation plan development.Global Cov of MayorsIclei





On March 15, 2022 District of Ucluelet Council adopted Single-Use Item Regulation Amendment Bylaw No. 1298, 2022 which adds Plastic and Bio-Plastic Utensils to the list of items being regulated within the municipality.

On July 26, 2021 Ministerial Order M309, provided municipalities the authority to make a bylaw to regulate, prohibit and impose requirements in relation to the protection of the natural environment.

The District of Ucluelet Inititates Network of Level 2 Electic Vehicle Chargers  July 23, 2020

Climate Action and Adaptation Plans

In March of 2019, Ucluelet adopted its first Climate Action Plan, plan, which set ambitious 2050 targets of 100% Renewable Energy and 80% reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Funded by the FCM Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, the plan includes an inventory of community emissions, goals to achieve the targets, and strategies to achieve those goals. This effort led to the awarding of FCM Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Milestone 4 and Milestone 2 for action community and corporate emissions, respectively.

Ucluelet has moved forward on other important climate action initiatives in 2019 including:

  • The District purchased 4 dual port Level 2 EV charging stations and supported community efforts that will result in a total of 9 level 2 charging locations and 2 DC fast-charging stations installed in 2020.
  • Ucluelet was successful in its application for a $150,000 grant from the Province of BC to complete flood risk mapping of the community’s coastline.

In January of 2021, Ucluelet adopted its first Climate Change Adaptation Plan. After conducting detailed risk assessments to identify current and future climate impacts to the coastal community, the completed plan will now be integrated into the District’s workplans and annual reporting. This project was funded under the ICLEI Changemakers Project.

District of Ucluelet Climate Change Adaptation Plan

100% Renewable Energy Plan - Clean Energy for the Safe Harbour

2018 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report

MCSPB EnviroLevel Clings Aug2019 CL LEVEL 4 260 







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