Village Green Revitalization Project




 Plan Your Playground!

We need your input! Join us at the Village Green playground at 9:30 AM on Wednesday August 17, 2022 as we begin the process of redesigning our playground. 

August 17 Playground Design Event Poster 1



















Recent public input has identified the expansion and revitalization of the village green as a priority for the residents of Ucluelet.
The District has prepared a preliminary design that builds off of the ideas people have shared about what they'd like to see and provides a flexible and accessible public open space. Also shown below is a graphic showing the proces and expected timeline of the project.

Village Green timeline








Download Full-size Poster Boards (14MB)

 Online Engagement Poster 1 Online Engagement Poster 2 


Previous Community Input

The first session was held in December 2019 at the Ucluelet Community Centre. District staff and representatives from Urban Systems presented the concepts in a series of poster boards.  A selection of images from the boards are shown below.

   Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2

  Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2

Download Presentation Boards (12MB)