Temporary Use Permits (TUP)

All properties within the District of Ucluelet are designated as an area where Temporary Use Permits may be issued to allow a use of land, on a temporary basis, not otherwise permitted in the District of Ucluelet’s Zoning Bylaw.

Temporary use permits are intended to provide flexibility to achieve short-term economic and social goals, balance public and private interests, and maintain a reasonable level of compatibility with the surrounding neighborhood.

Temporary use permits may be issued for a period up to three years from the date the permit was approved by Council. Temporary use permits may be renewed once, subject to Council approval.

Where warranted, environmental protection, post-development site restoration and nuisance abatement measures, including noise abatement, duration of operation hours and season, duration of permitted use, traffic management, parking, performance security, and establishing buffers and screens, may be required.

Prior to Application

Temporary Use Permit applications should be well planned before submittal. The following should be considered prior to submitting an application:

  1. Zoning Maps and Zoning Bylaw: All land in the District of Ucluelet is assigned a zone as shown on the District of Ucluelet's Zoning Bylaw Maps and is subject to specific regulations. Check the District of Ucluelet’s Zoning Maps and Zoning Bylaw to find the zoning designation and zoning requirements for your property such as building setbacks and building height. A temporary use must still meet these requirements, as well as the requirements of other bylaws.
  2. Development Servicing: All development must provide water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer systems, and other services at the developer’s cost. The servicing of roads, lanes and sidewalks adjacent to the land being developed will also be reviewed to ensure appropriate pedestrian and vehicle access is provided for the temporary use.
  3. Contact the Planning and Development Department: Development Planning staff are available to meet with prospective applicants and their consultants to discuss the proposed development and provide advice on submission requirements and the review procedure, to assist in the efficient and timely processing of the application prior to submittal.

Application Submission

To proceed with a Temporary Use Permit application complete and submit:

Legal Costs

Restrictive covenants, statutory rights-of-way or other legal agreements and documents may be required as part of the conditions of approval for the Temporary Use Permit. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have these documents prepared for the District of Ucluelet’s review.

Application and Fees are indicated in the District of Ucluelet Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 1186.  This bylaw is reviewed and amended regularly.  For the current fees and charges applicable to development applications, please contact the Finance Department.

District of Ucluelet Development Approval Procedures Bylaw No.1164, 2015