Lot 13 Marine Drive Affordable Housing

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About the Lot 13 Affordable Housing Proposal

Lot 13 is located on Marine Drive opposite Brown’s Beach, near the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort between Cedar Grove Place and Rainforest Drive. The rear of the Lot 13 backs onto the Whispering Pines manufactured home park; access to Lot 13 is from Marine Drive. Lot 13 also borders properties on Marine Drive and Rainforest Lane. Lot 13 was created by Weyerhaeuser Corporation and designated for affordable housing as part of its earlier development approvals, in 2005.

Council has zoned Lot 13 to allow 33 small lots, where one bedroom, two bedroom and three-bedroom small homes could be constructed. Six of the 33 homes are proposed to include a secondary suite.

11 of the lots would contain affordable rental homes and the remaining 22 lots would be small freehold units, offered for sale under the Affordable Home Ownership Program (AHOP) of BC Housing.

The units on Lot 13 are regulated by two housing agreements; one for the rental units and one for the freehold units. The “Rental Housing Agreement” stipulates criteria for qualifying renters and household incomes, and sets the rental rate for the unit. The “Affordable Home Ownership Housing Agreement” limits the use of those lots for sale to qualifying local households under the AHOP program. These agreements, authorized by the Ucluelet Housing Agreement Bylaw No. 1270, 2020, would be registered on the titles of all 33 lots.

The homes proposed to be constructed on the 33 lots range in size from 532ft2 to 992ft2. The buildings are proposed to be of modular construction, placed on permanent foundations.

Areas of park are proposed to be dedicated next to the existing park and stream corridor to the west of the site, and fencing and new landscape screening is proposed along the Marine Drive frontage.

As of 2021, the developer has received a Preliminary Layout Assessment (PLA) for the proposed subdivision, and is working toward completing the subdivision process.  The timing for completion of the subdivision works and expected availability of the new homes is largely up to the developer.  Additional information may be available at the developer's website.

General Enquiries

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