What is Rezoning?

Rezoning is the process of altering the existing land use zone of a property in order to obtain different land use or density.

Rezoning Process

  1. Consult the Planning Department
  2. Complete the Rezoning Application, pay fees, and submit your plans
  3. Application is assessed and evaluated by the Planning Department
  4. Application is circulated to external agencies
  5. District staff will write and present a report to Council for the First and Second Readings
  6. Public Hearing with possible Third Reading in Council
  7. Amended bylaw goes before Council for Final Adoption

Rezoning Application

Rezoning Checklist

The Planning Department should be consulted throughout the Rezoning Process.

Application and Fees are indicated in the District of Ucluelet Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 1186.  This bylaw is reviewed and amended regularly.  For the current fees and charges applicable to rezoning applications, please contact the Finance Department.

District of Ucluelet Development Approval Procedures Bylaw No.1164, 2015