Community Planning and Zoning

This section presents information on the Official Community Plan, Zoning and Ukee Map where the guiding principles listed below enable the Community Vision to become a reality.

An Official Community Plan is a statement of objectives and policies adopted by a local government to guide decisions on land use planning, land use management and municipal operations within the area covered by the plan.

The 2022 Official Community Plan takes a 30-year view, looking ahead to how the community of Ucluelet will evolve to the year 2050 and beyond. The policy directions within the draft plan aim to realise the vision of Ucluelet as a vibrant, natural and active community.  The following guiding principles are used to guide decision making.

  1. Protect natural areas and ecological function
  2. Maintain and enhance Ucluelet’s unique character and preserve its heritage
  3. Foster a welcoming and complete community
  4. Build a diverse and dynamic local economy
  5. Create a compact and vibrant Village Square
  6. Develop and maintain top quality parks, trails, recreation and community services for residents and visitors
  7. Broaden the spectrum of housing options to improve the availability of appropriate, affordable housing for all
  8. Increase transportation choice and reduce automobile trips
  9. Manage growth in balance with jobs, infrastructure investments, and the provision of services

The plan is a complete policy document to guide the community, but also acknowledges specific areas where further work is necessary in the short term to adjust or more clearly define the community direction and priorities.