Board of Variance

Boards of Variance are intended to provide a measure of flexibility and discretion in the application of by-laws and other regulations related to land use. This occurs specifically where zoning by-laws have produced 'legal non-conforming' status, or created hardship where land, and its use and development, is concerned.

The Ucluelet Board of Variance is comprised of three members who are appointed by Ucluelet Council, according to the provisions of the Local Government Act.

The Ucluelet by-law establishing the Board of Variance requires the Board to hear and determine any application with respect to matters outlined in the Local Government Act. The Act requires the Board of Variance to conduct hearings in which they hear and consider the appellant's case.

The Board may order that a minor variance be permitted where the applicant alleges that compliance with a bylaw would cause hardship with respect to the siting, dimensions, or size of a building or structure, or the siting of a manufactured home in a manufactured home park

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