Water System News & Notifications

  • 2021: On August 12, the governments of Canada and British Columbia announced funding of over $7 million for the District of Ucluelet to improve its local treatment system and storage capacity for drinking water.
  • 2021: At the November 9th Council meeting, the Engineering and Public Works Department presented a plan to overhaul the District’s water distribution system operations and maintenance routine: Ucluelet’s Clean Drinking Water Action Plan.

Water System Facts & History

The District of Ucluelet operates two water supply sources, the Lost Shoe Aquifer and Mercantile Creek. These water source provide drinking water for the citizens of Ucluelet, portions of the ACRD, and the Ucluelet First Nation.

The Lost Shoe Creek Aquifer supply currently consists of four wells which produce approximately 9,450 m³/day. Drier summer weather patterns potentially limit this supply, as the aquifer is drawn down to the level of the deepest well.

Active water licenses also allow the District to draw up to 3,239 m³/day from Mercantile Creek; of this approximately 500 m³/day is allocated to the Ucluelet First Nations.

More details about are available in the Water System Facts Sheet.

Inspecting Our Drinking Water

The protection of the District’s drinking water is crucial to preventing the spread of water-borne disease and protecting citizens and visitors from chemical or other contamination.

The Engineering and Public Works Department complete weekly testing for E.coli and quarterly full-spectrum tests - all tests are reviewed by Island Health. 

Island Health officers approve, inspect, and monitor drinking water supplies to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements.

Water Quality & Test Results

Water samples from Lost Shoe Creek Wellfield and Mercantile Creek undergo a full chemical and physical analysis quarterly to assess water quality. The results of the water quality tests can be found below:

These samples are reviewed by the Centre for Disease Control and drinking water reports are available on the Island Health website. If you have any questions or comments, please contact either the District of Ucluelet or the local Health Authority office at 250-370-8699.

Ucluelet Water Documents and Studies

  • In 2017, the District of Ucluelet updated its Water Master Plan, which provides critical information for implementing upgrades to the system.   
  • In 2014, the District completed a Water Conservation Study, which provides a foundation for the upcoming Water Conservation Plan.
  • A high-level drawing of the District’s drinking water system is available in the Official Community Plan.

Contact Public Works

Public Works Yard Office: 250-726-7133
Cell: 250-266-0598
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After-hours Emergencies
(4:30pm - 8am)
Call 250-726-8587
Emergencies could include water or sewer main breaks, dangerous debris or fallen trees on a street
or damaging potholes.