High Ground Hike

Virtual High Ground Hike - Get tsunami prepared and enter to win prizes!

During Tsunami Preparedness Week, April 10-16, 2022, participate in the VIRTUAL High Ground Hike and enter to win great prizes! It's easy. Take a hike from the shoreline to one of our Community Assembly Areas, snap a selfie, and post it to Twitter or Facebook to be entered to win prizes.

Launched in 2016, High Ground Hike is a community event that’s held every year during Tsunami Preparedness Week, the second full week of April. The purpose is to raise awareness about B.C.’s tsunami risk and give coastal residents an opportunity to practice reaching their tsunami safe zone.

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How to Enter

1. Walk from the shoreline to one of our Community Assembly Areas. Assembly Areas are located at Tugwell Field Raven Parking Lot, Ucluelet Secondary School Field, and Coast Guard Rd. Whale Parking Lot Emergency Kiosk.

 2. Take a selfie at the Assembly Area.

3. Post your selfie to Twitter or Facebook. Tag @PreparedBC and use the hashtag #HighGroundSelfie22, and you'll be entered to win one of 47 prizes from PreparedBC.

4. Also use the hashtag #UclueletHGH  to win one of 4 additional prizes.

When you tag @PreparedBC and use the hashtag #HighGroundSelfie22, you'll be entered to win:

  • 2 Preparedness kits for 4
  • 4 Preparedness kits for 2
  • 5 Phone charger kits
  • 6 Grab-&-go-bag starter kits
  • 10 Waterproof headlamps
  • 20 Phone banks

Add the hashtag #UclueletHGH  to your post, and you'll be entered to win additional prizes, such as:

  • Hand crank/battery/solar-powered radio
  • WorkSafeBC Basic First Aid Kit
  • 1 of 2 PreparedBC backpacks

*Proof of residence will be required to claim these prizes.

For full contest rules go to: www.preparedbc.ca/highgroundhike










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