High Ground Hike

High Ground Hike - Get tsunami prepared!

During Tsunami Preparedness Week, April 14 - 20 2024, participate in Ucluelet's High Ground Hike.

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Launched in 2016, High Ground Hike is a community event that’s held every year during Tsunami Preparedness Week, the second full week of April. The purpose is to raise awareness about B.C.’s tsunami risk and give coastal residents an opportunity to practice reaching their tsunami safe zone.

Join us on Sunday April 14, 2024 at 10:00 AM at Big Beach for Ucluelet's High Ground Hike!

The High Ground Hike group will be walking from Big Beach up to the Ucluelet Secondary School (our town’s reception center). There will be arrow markers along the way showing the path to high ground. At Big Beach there will be an introduction, education, and announcements, including a presentation from BC Earthquake Alliance. Pay close attention as there will be trivia prizes to be won!

Once at the USS, participants will attend an ending presentation, followed by a walk to the UAC Hall to an Emergency Preparedness Fair! Meet with some of Ucluelet's emergency preparedness resources including BC Earthquake Alliance, BC Rangers, British Columbia Emergency Health Services, Ucluelet Fire Rescue, and more. There will be grab-and-go kits as well as swag up for grabs! Be sure to check out the 'shake table', where participants can build craft houses and then watch them experience an earthquake!

This is a great community event to learn more about tsunami preparedness in our region. We encourage the community to come out and join in the fun! 

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