Communicating with Council

Phone and email messages can be left at the administration office for all Council members. Refer to the bottom of this this page for contact information.

COVID-19 and Council Meetings

Due to COVID-19 and limited Chambers Capacity, members of the public are not currently permitted to attend Council meetings or public hearings in-person. The Mayor and some members of  Council, along with essential Staff will attend meetings in-person with electronic participation by members of the public, delegates and some members of Council. 

Viewing on YouTube Or Zoom

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, members of the public are encouraged to watch Council Meetings from home on the District of Ucluelet Government YouTube Channel or on Zoom Webinar.  Agendas are published on the District of Ucluelet website in advance, so viewers can follow along with the meeting and read the reports that Council uses to inform their decisions.  

If you are viewing the meeting on YouTube as it happens and have input or questions for Council about agenda items or matters within their jurisdiction, email them during the meeting to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please limit your input and questions to 150 words. Input will be read by Staff to Council at the appropriate section of the Agenda. For information about participating in public hearings please refer to the Public Hearing and Bylaw Notices section of this webpage. 

Please note that Council is still accepting correspondence and delegation requests. Correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council forms part of the public record and will be published in Regular Council Meeting Agendas provided it is received by the Wednesday before the meeting. Correspondence may be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed to the District’s Mailing address.

Particpating Via Zoom 

You can use Zoom by dialing-in or by URL.  Please join the Zoom webinar five minutes before the meetings is scheduled to start. 

Participate through Zoom Webinar by dialing in -  Dial in on your phone using the phone number listed below under "Zoom Webinar Details." You will need to enter the meeting ID in order to join the meeting. Note that a participant ID is NOT required. If you would like to speak, press *9 to raise your hand. Staff will unmute you when it is your turn to speak. Please state your name and address.

Participate through Zoom Webinar by URL - 
Use your your Zoom compatible tablet, smart phone or computer to join the hearing by the entering the URL provided below under "Zoom Webinar Details" into your browser.  If you would like to speak, click the "raise your hand" icon. Staff will unmute you when it's your turn. Please state your name and address.

Upcoming Meetings - Zoom Webinar Details

November meeting details will be posted here the first week of November.

November 17 Harbour Authority

NOTICE: This meeting was rescheduled to December 1 due to a power outage.

November 24 Regular Meeting

December 1 Harbour Authority

December 3 Special Budget Meeting

December 15 Regular Meeting


All correspondence will be considered by Mayor and Council, usually at the first regular scheduled meeting after receipt. A written response may be provided based on Council resolution. Please specify your intention - are you providing information only? Do you have a suggestion? Are you asking a specific question or proposing a specific action? Council needs to know what you expect from them.

Making a presentation to Council

There are many instances in which people wish to come before Council to raise concerns or address issues they feel are of importance to the community. Such an appearance before Council is called a "delegation". People wishing to make a delegation must submit their request in writing to the Administration Department.

Delegation Request Form

Question Period

A question period is at the end of every regular Council meeting. This provides an opportunity for the public, or a member of the press to ask a specific question of Council. You may request clarification on an item considered during the meeting or general civic business.

District of Ucluelet Administration Office

Mailing Address:
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Civic Address:
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Telephone (General Inquiries) 250-726-7744
Mayor's Telephone 250-726-7744
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