Wild Pacific Trail

The Wild Pacific Trail carves through old-growth thickets of twisted trunks, roots, ferns and moss of the temperate coastal rainforest as it hugs the wild coastline of the Ucluth Peninsula. Watch the fury of the open Pacific Ocean with spectacular views of the rocky shoreline, Barkley Sound, and the Broken Group Islands from this easy to navigate trail.

The Wild Pacific Trail is being developed from private, business and government donations to the Wild Pacific Trail Society. The trail is divided into three sections: Lighthouse Loop, Big Beach Section and Brown's Beach to Ancient Cedars Section.


The Lighthouse Loop (2.5km) offers dramatic views of Barkley Sound and the Amphitrite Lighthouse. This loop can be completed in 45-60 minutes and offers several viewpoints and bench lookouts. This section offers amazing sunset views and if you are lucky, you might see some whales from the rocky shoreline.

There are two areas for parking on Coast Guard Road. The first is about half-way to the station with the trailhead just to the left. Facilities and easy access to the trail can be found here. For larger vehicles and RV's, additional parking can be found at the end of the road, near the Coast Guard station itself. Take a short walk around the station and you will find signage directing you to the trail. You may also choose to start at the He-Tin-Kis Park parking lot on Peninsula Road.

The Big Beach Section (1km) starts at the intersection of Marine Drive and Matterson Drive. You can either follow the trail along Marine Drive, or for the scenic route go down to the beachfront picnic area at Big Beach and head up the stairs on the right to the boardwalk.

The Brown's Beach Section (3km) starts at a new parking lot north of the Blackrock Oceanfront Resort on Marine Drive. After a short section of trail following the road, you'll reach the wilderness coastal trail.

The Artists Loop (0.5km) branches off the Brown's Beach Section, bringing hikers closer to the shoreline and ocean swells. Take time to enjoy the views from the 5 tiny tree forts known as Painter Perches. Make sure not to miss the new 1.5km trail extension that takes you past scenic rocky bluffs and into an old growth rainforest called Ancient Cedars.

For the return trip, keep to the coastline and double back to enjoy the spectacular views in reverse! You can also exit at the bike path along the highway and turn right to walk back to town. If you parked at Brown's Beach, follow Forbes road to the sports field parking lot. A forest trail leads back to your car.


The trail is accessible to all ages and abilities. Benches are provided at several points along the trail.

No bikes, horses or motorized vehicles are permitted on the trails. The hiking trails are designed to expose visitors to the miles of shoreline while preventing any damage to the fragile environment.

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