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Highway 4 detour reopens, priority given to essential goods delivery



The Highway 4 detour reopened as planned the evening of Friday, June 9, 2023, following the successful extraction of a vehicle from Francis Lake.

The priority for the detour route is to ensure the movement of essential goods, such as fuel and food. To support this, beginning Sunday, June 11, four piloted convoys specifically for commercial vehicles will be guided along the detour route, to and from Port Alberni. These scheduled convoys will occur daily until further notice.

The piloted departure times are as follows:

  • daily at 5 a.m. leaving Lake Cowichan
  • daily at 10 a.m. leaving Port Alberni
  • daily at 3 p.m. leaving Lake Cowichan
  • daily at 8 p.m. leaving Port Alberni

Commercial vehicles will also be permitted to travel outside of these windows, however, there will be no pilot vehicles at those times.

Other drivers will be placed behind the convoys because the priority is the movement of essential supplies, such as fuel and food.

Highway 4 remains closed at Cameron Lake Bluff due to a wildfire in the area. The next update on reopening will be provided after the weekend.

Checkpoints are in place along the detour route to provide information for travellers.

For a map of checkpoints, visit:

Drivers are reminded to respect the direction of traffic-control personnel in the area.

For up-to-date information about road conditions, visit:

Full release can be viewed here:  Highway 4 detour reopens, priority given to essential goods delivery | BC Gov News