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Community Notice:

District of Ucluelet Message: Extreme Weather Events

February 27, 2023


The District of Ucluelet has experienced an extreme weather event and we wish for everyone's continued health and safety. During a power outage a top priority is ensuring utility services such as water and sewer continue to operate. During an extreme snow event, an equally high priority is maintaining clear roads for emergency services. In accepting that increased snow events are the new normal for Ucluelet, the District has increased spending in 2023 for improved snow removal equipment and readiness. We have purchased a new snow-melt spreader, and the community's first heavy-duty snow plough. The plough has not yet arrived, and we will be ensuring it is put in service as soon as it arrives.

The District has also partnered with area contractors and we are actively working to clear streets and walkways. We realize our readiness and response for such events requires immediate action which we will continue to work on and improve. We want to thank the community for your patience and understanding as we continue to clear the streets, sidewalks and pathways to ensure community safety.