Surfing is a popular activity on the west coast of Vancouver Island with both locals and visitors. The area surrounding Ucluelet offers some of the most accessible surf breaks on the west coast of Canada. Sandy beach breaks roll in along 25 kilometres of shoreline, much of which is within the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. This long, open shoreline catches waves suitable for both experienced and beginner surfers.

The most popular beaches, and the most accessible from Ucluelet, are Wickaninnish Beach and Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Suit up and paddle out past the break and see an offshore view of the wild, untouched shoreline. Discover your passion for the ocean and nature from the water. Once you catch your first wave - you will be hooked!

Other popular water activities are skim boarding and boogie boarding. Skim boarding is similar to surfing except that it's done from the shore in the washed up waves. Drop your skim board and use your momentum to skim over the water's surface into waves breaking close to the shore, then ride those in. Or kick out on a boogie board and ride on your stomach on waves, splashing through tubes! There's a wave for every skill, ability and age level. Get out there and catch a wave!

Surfing near Ucluelet is a year round activity. Although the air temperature varies depending on the season, the ocean temperature stays around 50°F (10°C) all year. Wetsuits are strongly recommended and can be rented at local surf shops and schools in Ucluelet. Surf, skim and boogie board rentals are also available throughout the town. Ask about joining a surf lesson, or hire your own instructor for the afternoon. If you are unsure about the weather or swell, any of the surf shops in Ucluelet will be able to give you the latest surf report and send you to the right spot.

The ocean is an amazing place to play! Come to Ucluelet and experience it for yourself.

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Long Beach Surf Shop
  • Address 1685 Peninsula Road, Ucluelet, BC
  • Phone 250-726-2700
  • Email Address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Latitude 48.9433661
  • Longitude -125.5503232
Relic Surf Shop
  • Address 1998 Peninsula Road, Ucluelet, BC
  • Phone (250) 726-4421
  • Email Address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Latitude 48.944884
  • Longitude -125.557950
Wya Point Surf Shop Cafe
  • Address 2695 Tofino-Ucluelet Highway, Ucluelet, BC
  • Phone 250-726-2992
  • Email Address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Latitude 48.974826
  • Longitude -125.591352
  • Imagine


    Imagine sitting on the horizon. You're floating in the water with the sounds of breaking waves behind you. You're looking out to the open ocean, forever. The clouds have split to showcase the pinks, oranges, and reds of a setting sun. Your legs dangle in the cold salt water, your perch is 9 feet of epoxy glass, and you see it coming in on the outside.

    It's a set.

    The first wave rolls under you. You bob over it and catch the smile from the surfer beside you. The second wave is approaching and he gives you a nod. This one is for you.

    You spin your board around and start paddling into position. You're going to catch this wave on the shoulder, turn left, and carve it until it breaks into white wash. With the daylight expiring this will be your last ride.

    With a quick glance behind you, you know it's time to start paddling, and hard. Paddle, paddle, paddle...the power of the wave catches the back of your board. You grip your rails, push down to set the fins and pop up, dropping in down a green wall of water you carve immediately to your left. Turns: one, two, three, and you ride it out.

    Once on shore you pull off your leash and look back out into the surf. A few stragglers are catching their last waves in. The water is cold, dripping down your face; it's salty on your lips. The neoprene of your wetsuit squeaks against your board as you walk it back up the beach and the last light fades away.

    A sunset surf at Wickanninish Beach - just awesome!