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Village Green

Recent public input has identified the expansion and revitalization of the village green as a priority for the residents of Ucluelet.
The District has prepared a preliminary design that builds off of the ideas people have shared about what they'd like to see and provides a flexible and accessible public open space.

We'd like to hear your feedback on the concept design! Your input will help us identify potential improvements that should be considered before the design is finalized.

Village Green - Frequently Asked Questions

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Previous Community Input

The first session was held in December 2019 at the Ucluelet Community Centre. District staff and representatives from Urban Systems presented the concepts in a series of poster boards.  A selection of images from the boards are shown below.

   Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2

  Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2Ucluelet Board Peninsula Road2

Download Presentation Boards (12MB)