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About the Lot 13 Affordable Housing Proposal

Lot 13 is located on Marine Drive opposite Brown’s Beach, near the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort between Cedar Grove Place and Rainforest Drive. The rear of the Lot 13 backs onto the Whispering Pines manufactured home park; access to Lot 13 is from Marine Drive. Lot 13 also borders properties on Marine Drive and Rainforest Lane. Lot 13 was created by Weyerhaeuser Corporation and designated for affordable housing as part of its earlier development approvals, in 2005.

The proposed development would include 33 small lots, where one bedroom, two bedroom and three-bedroom small homes will be constructed. Six of the 33 homes are proposed to include a secondary suite.

11 of the lots would contain affordable rental homes and the remaining 22 lots would be small freehold units, offered for sale under the Affordable How Ownership Program (AHOP) of BC Housing.

The units on Lot 13 would be regulated by two housing agreements; one for the rental units and one for the freehold units. The “Rental Housing Agreement” stipulates criteria for qualifying renters and household incomes, and sets the rental rate for the unit. The “Affordable Home Ownership Housing Agreement” limits the use of those lots for sale to qualifying local households under the AHOP program. These agreements, authorized by the Ucluelet Housing Agreement Bylaw No. 1270, 2020, would be registered on the titles of all 33 lots.

The homes proposed to be constructed on the 33 lots range in size from 532ft2 to 992ft2. The buildings are proposed to be of modular construction, placed on permanent foundations.

Areas of park are proposed to be dedicated next to the existing park and stream corridor to the west of the site, and fencing and new landscape screening is proposed along the Marine Drive frontage.

Council Reports, Meeting Minutes and the YouTube recording of Council Meeting are all good sources of information about the proposed development and Bylaw. The reports and relevant minute excerpts are available in the Lot 13 Binder. The Council Meeting Recordings are available on the District’s YouTube channel.

Council received information about the development at three Council meetings:

Additional information is available at the developer's website.

Update: October 13, 2020

On October 13, 2020 Council received public input about the Option to Purchase and Master Development Agreement modifications.  Council approved the proposed Option and Master Development Agreement modificatoin. Council also issued a development permit for the LOT 13 and authorized the discharge of Restrictive Covenant FB154877 registered on the property's title. For more information please refer to the October 13, 2020 Regular Council Meeting Agenda.

Update: October 1, 2020 

Notice of Change to Option to Purchase and Master Development Agreement Modification -  October 13, 2020 Regular Council Meeting































For more information about the proposed modifications please review the related report which can be found at page 43 of the October 13, 2020 Regular Council Meeting Agenda

Update: May 1, 2020 

On April 28, 2020, Council adopted a Zoning Amendment Bylaw which zones the Lot 13 for small lots and a Housing Agreement Bylaw which authorizes the purchase and rental of units on the property to be regulated by the attached agreements. Council did not approve a motion to authorize modification of the existing Master Development Agreement and Covenant with the land owner at that time.

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