Community Notices

Attention: To the Public and Other Stakeholders

Re: Barkley Community Forest Limited Partnership Firewood Program on Licence K3S Cutblocks (Message from Zoltan Schafer, R.P.F. Forestry Manager, BCFLP)

This notice is intended to address the future firewood program that will be available on a number of cutblocks that have been recently logged by the Community tenure. At the present time we are finishing our waste obligations before releasing these blocks for firewood cutting.

Once the waster surveys have been completed they will be submitted to the Ministry of Forests for approval. After approval these cutblocks will then be posted on the Ministry of Forest Website - Open up the site, and then on the left hand side open the firewood Permit folder. Once opened you can go to the Permits listed by District section and under here go to the South Island on line form fill it out here and print out Schedule A as well (provided in the hyperlink below). You can review the cutblocks available for firewood cutting in all areas under the South Island Forest District here.

Cutblocks from the Barkley Community tenure will be posted at that site under the South Island sometime between May 5 - May 12, 2018 as the MOF approves the waste.

Please click HERE for a PDF version of the official letter and Shedule A attachment.