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The Mayor and Council elected for the 2014-2018 term are Mayor Dianne St. Jacques and Councillors Sally Mole, Randy Oliwa, Marilyn McEwen, and Mayco Noel.

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If you are looking for things to do in Ucluelet, you have come to the right place! We had some fun trying to compile as many ideas as possible to help you broaden your west coast horizons. Whether you are already in the area or you are preparing for the trip of a lifetime, this may help you make sure you don't run out of things to do. If you are about to come here, we suggest you bookmark and/or print this page.

1- Catch a sunrise on the LightHouse Loop
2- Go take a walk on the Wild Pacific Trail
3- Go watch the sunset on Little Beach
4- Grab an early morning breakfast or lunch to go from Gray Whale Deli
5- Romantic Picnic on Half Moon Bay
6- Go bird watching in the Pacific Rim National Park
7- Go Surfing at Wickaninnish Beach
8- Sea Kayaking in the Broken Islands
9- Try a drop-in yoga class at the Community Center
10- Catch a movie at Big Beach Cinema
11- Have a turkey/bacon/cranberry/brie panini at the Barkley Cafe (they are delicious!)
12- Salt Water Fishing in Barkley Sound
13- Fresh Water Fishing at Kennedy Lake Provincial Park
14- Stand-up paddle boarding at Little or Terrace Beach
15- Go for a Ziplining adventure in the old growth forest
16- Play frisbee on Big Beach
17- Pamper yourself with a full day at the spa or salon.
18- Visit the Ucluelet Aquarium (between March and November)
19- Go play basketball at the Community Center
20- BMX & skateboard at the skateboard park
21- Go play a game of pool at the Eagle's Nest Pub
22- Explore the Events Page for Activities
23- A Geocaching Adventure!
25- Find your favorite Fish and Chips in town
26- Go Thrift Shopping
27- Go Whale Watching
28- Shop for Jewelry at Rubio
29- Enjoy fresh reedledeets at Zoe's bakery
30- Lose Yourself in the Crow's Nest
31- Shop for local art at Reflecting Spirit Gallery
32- Check out if a Festival is happening in town 
33- Stormwatch with a beer at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort lounge
34- Find your favourite hot dog at Ukee Dogs
35 - Taste the world in a tea cup at Thay Tea
36 - Explore local music at Blackberry Cove open Mic
37 - Take the long way home - explore side the streets
38 - Watch dogs go wild on the local Ucluelet beaches (In the National Park you need to keep your dog on its leash)
39- Have coffee at Image West Gallery
40- Go for 9-holes at the Long Beach Golf Course
41- Enjoy art at the Mark Penney Gallery
42- Shop for local art that you can wear at Piña
43- Go for a guided rainforest walk in the Pacific Rim National Park
44- Bring a kite and play with the wind on Long Beach
45- Discover Wya Beach and spend a night in a Yurt!
46- Go to the Ukee Friday Night Market
47-Building sand castles on the beach with the kids
48- Having coffee and sharing fishing stories at Cap'n'Hooks
49- Sit at sunset and sing with the sea lions
50- Drink craft beer and eat great BBQ at Hanks!
51- Beach walk through the fog at Florencia Bay
52- Picnic at the picnic tables at the lookout over Big Beach
53- Watch the Bald Eagles while hanging out with the harbour seals at the Government wharf
54- Discover local authors at BlackBerry Cove
55- Scavenge the beach for shells and rocks
56- Go photograph the morning fog on one of the local beaches
57- Join in the many "drop-in" evening activities at the community center
58- Watch fishermen gut their catch at the cleaning station and the bald eagles swooping down the leftovers. 
59- Check out the great, local music scene on Wednesday nights at the Eagles Nest
60- Fish off the docks "downtown"
61- Record the waves for an hour. (Best souvenir ever)
62- Enjoy fest dungenes crab at one of the local seafood restaurant.
63- Hire a guide to go halibut fishing
64- Learn the history behind some of the old buildings
65- Scuba diving to explore sunken ships (no guides in town but if you are certified and have the gears, go for it!)

66- Go enjoy the Floathouse restaurant.

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The Wanderer - The Journey of the Raven Lady

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The Raven Lady stands proudly as you drive through town, somehow an embodiment of both the natural world surrounding Ucluelet but also of her people, and of their love and appreciation for the wilderness we call home. Mike Camp, the artist, describes her as a modern interpretation of an empowered wild woman, a steely representation of the feminine that required 2000 hours to construct.She is a human figure sculpted in the European tradition and fatefully placed in the center of town much in the same way sculptural figures are focal points for community in European city centers.

Response was initially lukewarm; the town of Tofino asked Mike to move the sculpture because they needed the lot for development, and it subsequently found it’s way to Ucluelet. Purchased by Ron Burley for a modest sum, the sculpture is now prominently displayed as you drive through town, beckoning visitors and locals alike to engage with the wilderness at our doorstep. Mike alludes to the idea of reconnecting with our inner feminine, both in our treatment of mother earth but also in ourselves, and how the figure might be construed as a 500 year maturation, a rebirth from the sea of the venus archetype.

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Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail - Part 3 – Ancient Cedars & Rocky Bluffs

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 Ancient Cedars & Rocky Bluffs - The Wild Pacific Trail

Part 1 - The Lighthouse loop - Part 2 - The Artist Loop

b2ap3_thumbnail_sarah-profile.pngAbout the Author:

Writer, adventurer and advocate for sunrise, Sarah Beewell likes to share her latest hiking adventures.

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Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail - Part 2 - The Artist Loop

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The Artist Loop - The Wild Pacific Trail

Part 1 - The Lighthouse Loop - Part 3 - Ancient Cedars & Rocky Bluffs

b2ap3_thumbnail_sarah-profile.pngAbout the Author:

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Fishing in the Barkley Sound

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About The Author:

Salty Dog Fishing Charters is a local, family owned and operated business in Ucluelet, BC. Incorporated in 2013, father and son-in-law duo, Jack Arentsen and Justin Janisse, have established a successful fishing business focusing on families and showcasing the West Coast fishing culture. With over 45 years of combined fishing experience in the Barkley Sound, Salty Dog Fishing Charters not only focuses on sport fishing trips but also helps provide specimen for the Ucluelet Aquarium.

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How to prepare yourself for a west coast earthquake?

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How to prepare yourself for a west coast earthquake?

In light of the recent earthquake activity on Vancouver Island, Tourism Ucluelet and the District of Ucluelet would like to provide information to visitors and remind residents in the area about how to be notified of a quake, how to proceed and where to go in town should another one occur. 

The earthquake last night was what is referred to as a strike slip fault and generally do not create tsunamis. However, IF a megathrust were to occur, these almost always generate a series of tsunamis. Mega thrusts earthquakes occur at subduction zones at destructive plate boundaries, where one tectonic plate is subducted by another.

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10 Do's and Don'ts When Visiting Ucluelet

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Photography by Landon Sveinson Photography

Just to be sure you don't slap yourself on the forehead when you unpack your bag upon arrival or miss out on some of the best things Ucluelet has to offer. We've made a fun 10 Do's and Don'ts when visiting Ucluelet. Are you ready?

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3 Secrets to Visit Ucluelet on a Budget

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Would you like to visit Ucluelet without breaking the bank?

You are not alone. This article will provide key points to get the most out of your trip and explore life here on the edge. Also, make sure to visit our running list of things to do in Ucluelet to be prepared and to stimulate your imagination.

Tip #1 - Visit During Shoulder and Storm Watching Season

The summer is an amazing time to explore the rainforest and enjoy the ocean but with all accommodations running at full capacity, it is harder to strike a good deal. Ucluelet is not only a summer destination! The storm watching season is especially attractive both from a sightseeing and affordability standpoint.

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What Would You Like To Know About Ucluelet?

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Thank You

If you are one of our fans on Facebook and Twitter, thank you so much for your engagement 

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