ucluelet-Mild-Weather-Rainforest-and-OceanUcluelet Weather

Ucluelet is in the Pacific temperate rainforests eco-region which is the largest temperate rainforest eco-region on the planet as defined by the World Wide Fund for Nature. The Pacific temperate rainforests are characterized by a high amount of rainfall, more than 300 cm (120 inches) per year with 75% falling between October and March. The rainforest is also characterized by moderate temperatures in both the summer and winter months (between 10-24°C). These moderate temperatures make Ucluelet an ideal travel destination year round with activities such as hiking, surfing and beachcombing.

The spring and summer months provide a calmer marine weather for ocean-based activities like sport fishing, kayaking, whale and wildlife viewing.

Fall and winter in Ucluelet is an extraordinary place for storm watching. To the west, the arctic and subtropical air masses collide over the Pacific Ocean and create wild tempests that slam the coast with dramatic results. One of the west coast's best winter secrets is that these tempests are followed by a day or two of warm sunny conditions that are generally the warmest winter days in Canada.

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