First Nations Heritage and Culture


The Nuu-chah-hulth-aht, comprised of many individual nations, have inhabited this coast for over 10,000 years. Their traditional society lived in harmony with the rich resources of the coastal temperate rainforest.

Toquaht First Nation

"people of the narrow place in front," or "people of the narrow channel"

Toquaht First Nation has 7 Traditional Village Sites covering 196 hectares and is the smallest of the Nuu-chah-nulth Central Region Nations with 135 members, most of whom live away from home.

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Ucluelet First Nation

Located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, the Ucluelet First Nation (UFN) traditional territory spans nine reservations. The main village of the UFN, Ittatsoo Reserve No. 1 (IR1) holds a population of approximately 200 residents and is located 28 kms from the rural community of Ucluelet.

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On Behalf of His People...

Nuu-Chan-Nuulth-Totem-PoleTaken from the Interpretive Signs on the Nuu-chah-nulth Trail:

On Behalf of His People...

"When you look down from the mountain, my Chief's hahulthi goes as far as the eye can see." - Elder Archie Thompson, Toquaht First Nation.

Hahulthi (a Chief's traditional territory) includes: the land, the ocean, the people, and everything living and non-living within. On behalf of his people, the Chief's responsibility is to care for his territory for generations to come. He achieves this through hishuk ish ts'awalk (everything is one), which embodies iisaak (respect) and spiritual connection.