Ucluelet Diving

Barkley Sound offers one of the most diverse dive sites in Canada. The area's history tells of numerous sunken ships and vessels caught out by the maze of islands and winter storms. The wrecks of many ships are there to be explored in what has been called "The Graveyard of the Pacific". One of these is the freighter Vanlene, which ran aground on the rocks of Austin Island in 1972 with her cargo of new cars.

The Broken Group Islands Unit of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada offers a maze of islands, islets, and reefs to explore. The islands are home to a diverse population of sea life and plants that make diving in the area an interesting and colourful experience. Swim among salmon, brightly coloured rockfish, octopus, squid, wolf eels, lingcod, sea anemones and a wide variety of invertebrates. You might even catch a glimpse of a six gilled shark.

Marine mammals can be observed from many different diving points in the waters around Ucluelet. It is not uncommon to see otters, sea lions and gray or humpback whales. Sites vary from relatively easy, for the less experienced or beginner diver, to challenging for the very experienced diver. Dive guides with local knowledge can be hired in Ucluelet.