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The Pacific Rim includes the towns of Tofino, Ucluelet and Bamfield. Tofino is the town furthest to the North, Ucluelet 30 minutes south, and Bamfield is accessible by either passenger ferry from Ucluelet or driving by gravel road from Bamfield. Here are our top 3 recommended hikes in the Pacific Rim: #1. Wild Pacific Trail – just south of Ucluelet on Coast Guard drive, this trail is one of the most beautiful hikes you will go on close the the ocean. The trail has a southern loop (about 45 mins) starting on Coast Guard drive and another section starting at Big Beach and continuing north for about 5 km. The southern section is arguably the most diverse, but the northern section is definitely worth the time (about 3 hours) if you have it. #2. Chesterman Beach – about 10 minutes south of Tofino, this is one of the prettiest beaches you can go to in North America. It is rugged, has lots of sand, and has a beautiful island in the middle (only at high tide). #3. Long Beach – about 15 mins south of Tofino and 20 minutes north of Ucluelet, Long Beach is definitely a very long stretch of beach and you can walk or run this beach and enjoy the rugged nature surrounding you with few people (unless you come in July/August. Here are some other recommendations: #1. Take a flight on a clear day over the Tofino or Ucluelet region. It is a memorable thing to see all the beautiful islands in Clayoquot Sound, beaches around Tofino and countless mountains in backdrop. #2. Surfing. Take a surfing lesson or rent a surf board. The beaches in the Pacific Rim are a hub for surfers in the Northwest. There are surf shops in both Ucluelet and Tofino. #3. Whale watching trip in either Ucluelet or Tofino. Whales are usually here from March to November. 2014 was a strange year for whales in this region, so make sure you ask about current whale sightings if you have the option to see them on another part of the island. #4. Fishing. Both salmon and halibut fishing are usually good from June to end of September, though some companies start as early as March. Ucluelet has long been a destination fishing town and more salmon come from Ucluelet than any other port on Vancouver Island. Tofino can have some good fishing too and many people do day trips here. #5. Kayaking in either Clayoquot Sound or in the Broken Group. Both regions are spectacular and some companies will do shore lunches on longer trips should you want to do them. #6 Hot springs tour. 27 miles north of Tofino you can enjoy a hot springs shower under a waterfall or relax in one of the hot springs pools.

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