What is Zoning?

Zoning is the means by which the community, through District Council, regulates land use and densities for specific properties within the District.

What are Zoning Bylaws?

Zoning Bylaws are used by the District to regulate the use of land. They state exactly what land uses are permitted in the community and provide information such as where buildings may be located, the types of uses and dwellings permitted, and standards for lot size, parking requirements and building height.

What are Zones?

Zone types determine the specific land-use, density, building specifications, and other related requirements attached to the properties within the 'Zone'. Common Zones found include: R1- Single-Family Residential, CS- Commercial Services, CD- Comprehensive Development, and I- Industrial. The District of Ucluelet is divided into approximately 26 zones. Check out Ucluelet's Zoning Bylaw to review the various zones and permitted uses. 

The unofficial, zoning consolidated document links below show all amending bylaws to the current Zoning Bylaw 1160.  Amendments are highlighted in green.  Please note: this is an unofficial document provided for your convenience only.  The unofficial, consolidated documents should not be relied upon in making financial or other committments, and the original bylaws govern.  For further information, please contact the Planning Department.

What is Rezoning?

Rezoning is the process of altering the existing land use zone of a property in order to obtain different land use or density.

Rezoning Process

  1. Consult the Planning Department
  2. Complete the Rezoning Application, pay fees, and submit your plans
  3. Application is assessed and evaluated by the Planning Department
  4. Application is circulated to external agencies
  5. District staff will write and present a report to Council for the First and Second Readings
  6. Public Hearing with possible Third Reading in Council
  7. Amended bylaw goes before Council for Final Adoption

Rezoning Application

Application and Fees are indicated in the District of Ucluelet Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 1186

The Planning Department should be consulted throughout the Rezoning Process.