Development Permits

The District establishes Development Permit Areas and guidelines to control the quality of the built environment within Ucluelet.

Nine Development Permit Areas have been designated in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act, RSBC 1996. Development Permit Area Guidelines specify the District's objectives and regulations for each area. All developments within a designated Development Permit Area require a Development Permit to be issued by District Council.

  1. Village Square
  2. Imperial Lane
  3. Reef Point
  4. Hyphocus Island
  5. DL 281
  6. Inner Boat Basin
  7. Peninsula Road
  8. Former Reserve Lands
  9. Multi-Family Residential

For Development Permit Area Regulations and Exemptions, see page 82 and 83 of the Official Community Plan and for an application form, see Development Permits.

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Development Application

Development Permit Areas

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