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Water Testing Reports

Ucluelet receives weekly water testing reports from an independent testing lab, Maxxam. The samples are taken from three locations in the community. Reports below are the results of those tests.

All About Our Water

DEC.06, 2016: Ucluelet held a Town Hall meeting on December 6, 2016 to provide the community with an opportunity to hear from a panel of experts from Island Health, MAXXAM Laboratories, and Koers Engineering and Associates. These experts interact with the municipality's water and water system on a regular basis as part of the mechanism for ensuring Ucluelet's water meets regulatory health standards and is safe for internal consumption.

Below is a compilation of the PowerPoint presentations that were given at the meeting (5 minute video). To view the full-length meeting in its entirety, please visit this link (51 minute video):


OCT.07, 2014:  Ucluelet held a Town Hall meeting on October 7, 2014 to provide the community with an overview of the water system in Ucluelet and allow for a discussion of current issues and directions.

Your questions continue to be important to us and we want to encourage you to connect with us. We also have a Q & A information sheet we’d like to share that may answer some of your questions. 

Watch the video of the meeting below! (Please note that the video may take several minutes or more to load, depending on your Internet connection)



Water Shortage and What Does it Mean to You?

The District of Ucluelet has a Water Shortage Response Plan to assist personnel to respond quickly and efficiently to a variety of scenarios to ensure water supplies are safeguarded, maintained, or returned to working conditions as quickly as possible. This plan uses a 4-staged approach to focus on water conservation during the summer months or other dry periods. Outlined below are the Water Use Conservation Actions required by residents, businesses, and visitors during the 4 stages that range from initial standard levels of water restrictions through to the highest levels of restriction intended for emergency water shortages.

STAGE 1 - Initial Advisory

STAGE 2 - Moderate Water Supply Shortage / Dry Stage

STAGE 3 - Severe Water Supply Shortage / Very Dry Stage

STAGE 4 - Critical Water Supply Shortage / Extremely Dry Stage - STATE OF EMERGENCY

Community Water Conservation Tips - Here’s How You Can Help! Ways of Conserving Water in Your Home

Ways You Can Conserve Water in Your Yard

Ways You Can Conserve Water at Work

To learn more about the District of Ucluelet’s Water Shortage Response Plan and the Monitoring and Communication Actions required during the 4 stages of water conservation, please view the PDF here. For more information regarding the Provincial Drought Classification, please visit the BC Living Smart website at: Please be advised that in response to extreme dry conditions, the Province has declared a Level 4 drought for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands (see figure 1 and 2). The Drought Classification explains the severity and appropriate level of response to drought conditions.