Environmental and Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Emergency services supports and maintains a community emergency management system through preparation, response, and recovery for emergency and disasters. In May 2009, the Emergency Management Department was formalized by bringing the following community services under one leadership:

  • Ucluelet Volunteer Fire Brigade,
  • Ucluelet Emergency Social Services, and
  • Ucluelet Emergency Coordinating Committee.

Environmental Services

Ucluelet is located in a biologically rich and diverse region with ecosystems of a sensitive nature. The Environment Department was established in March 2012 to assist the Emergency, Planning, Public Works, and Recreation Departments with programs associated with the maintenance or improvement of natural ecosystems. In effort to protect and preserve our unique marine environment, urban forests, and green spaces, the Environment Department will initiate 'green initiatives' through initiative concepts, ecological objectives, and collaborative processes.

In March 2012, the Environment Department established a Marine Debris Program as there was a high level of uncertainty on the quantity and movement of Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris (JTMD) following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. The Environment Department is working with local, provincial, federal and international partners to collect data, assess the debris, and reduce possible impacts to our natural resources and coastal communities. This local initiative has been recognized as a program that can serve as a model for other local government planning. Ucluelet's Marine Debris Program is adaptive to the JTMD situation as it evolves, and the response and recovery plan will act as a template for Ucluelet's Community Disaster Recovery Plan.

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