Sustainability and Emergency Services

Sustainability and Climate Action

In 2019, the District of Ucluelet has taken big steps to identify how to reduce emissions and how to prepare for pending climate changes and their impacts. At the same time, the municipality has moved several important actions forward including:

  • With the adoption of its first Climate Action Plan, the District of Ucluelet has set an ambitious 2050 targets of 100% Renewable Energy and 80% reduction in GHG emissions for the municipality.
  • For the last two years, the District has achieved Level 3 “Achievement of Carbon Neutrality” status for municipal operations from the Province of BC as a signatory of the Climate Action Charter, following the purchase of verified carbon offsets from
  • The District has purchased 4 dual port Level 2 EV charging stations and supported community efforts that will result in a total of 9 level 2 charging locations and 2 DC fast-charging stations by 2021.
  • Ucluelet was successful in its application for a $150,000 grant from the Province of BC to complete flood risk mapping for the community. The flood risk mapping will also assist in refining tsunami inundation levels for the coastal community.

In March of 2019, the District adopted its “Clean Energy for the Safe Harbour” plan, funded by FCM, which included an inventory of community emissions, goals to achieve the targets, and strategies to achieve those goals. This effort led to the awarding of FCM Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Milestone 4 and Milestone 2 for action community and corporate emissions, respectively. The District is also conducting detailed risk assessments to identify climate impacts that are already being experienced by the community. The result will be a new climate adaptation plan by early 2020, a funded project developed under the ICLEI Changemakers Project. With these plans falling into place, the municipality will be able to incorporate future actions into the District’s 5-year financial planning process. The implementation and monitoring of these actions will also be incorporated into the District’s annual reporting process.

If you have any comments or questions regarding Sustainability and Climate Action, please email the District at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emergency Services

Emergency services supports and maintains a community emergency management system through preparation, response, and recovery for emergency and disasters. In May 2009, the Emergency Management Department was formalized by bringing the following community services under one leadership:

  • Ucluelet Volunteer Fire Brigade,
  • Ucluelet Emergency Social Services, and
  • Ucluelet Emergency Coordinating Committee.

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