Community Notices

In June, the District of Ucluelet posted a public survey seeking community input on how to best use the recent income received from the operation of the Barkley Community Forest. The community forest is a partnership between the Toquaht Nation and the District. On June 27th, each partner received a second $500,000 dividend, bringing the total 2018 income to $1 million. 181 residents completed a survey that simply asked, "What do you think is the best use of the Barkley Community Forest Funds for the Ucluelet community?"  

The District would like to thank the residents of Ucluelet for this valuable feedback. This information will be reported in a meeting of Council and submitted for consideration into the District’s 2019 5-year financial planning process.

Please click HERE for the complete press release and survey results.

For more information please contact the District of Ucluelet at 250-726-7744.