Community Notices

Please be advised that we have a BEAR IN AREA WARNING in place until further notice.

A bear has been observed in the area of Tugwell Fields, Cynamocka Rd., Larch Rd. and the Ridge. Please help to reduce the probability of negative human-bear encounters by properly storing your garbage. Please see the BC Conservation Officer website for more information on wildlife encounters.

As reminder, please report all wildlife encounters to BC Conservation Officer Service RAPP Line at 1-877-952-7277 or #7277 on the Telus Mobility Network and remember the following safety information regarding bear encounters:

Stay safe and avoid a bear encounter by:

-       Walking/Hiking  in a group, and making noise.

-       Keeping children close at hand.

-       Keeping dogs on leash at all times.

-       Being alert and watching for signs such as tracks, droppings, or scratched trees.  

Avoid attractants:

-       Keep chickens and feed locked up at night.

-       Secure garbage and recycling.

-       Don't leave food out.

If you encounter a bear, remember:

·        Stay calm. Give the bear space. Do not make eye contact. Back away slowly and talk in a calm voice.

·        DO NOT drop objects, clothing or food to distract the bear, as this will reward the bear for its aggressive behaviour.

·        DO NOT RUN!


Brent Ashton

Bylaw Officer

District of Ucluelet

Box 999, 200 Main Street,

Ucluelet, B.C., V0R 3A0 Phone: (250) 266-2159